Welcome to Sacred Heart

Grade 8

Hello! My name is Ms. Vicki Niemerg and I welcome you to Sacred Heart School. I am the Grade 8 homeroom teacher. Sacred Heart junior high students are fortunate to have opportunities to experience a variety of learning styles within a small setting. Our students are given the chance to practice their faith through living what God wants us to do: serve the needs of others.Through our religion classes, collections for the needy, weekly Mass, and daily prayers, Sacred Heart School students are deepening their Catholic-Christian faith.

In literature, students are able to read a variety of trade books and genres. Our science classes are taught in a well-equipped science room with a curriculum based on earth, life, and physical science topics. In Grade 7, life science students eagerly await for the unit when they can dissect earthworms and frogs. They also put together an insect collection. The physical science class for Grade 8 students enables them to learn about matter and its properties, elements, compounds, and formulas.


Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Religion: Marriage Paper return with Signature
Algebra:9 - 20
Reading/Literature:Read Chp. 5 of Part 2 Homecoming
English:work on Topic
Science: Science Fair Presentations on April 26
Geography:worksheet both sides
Spelling: Unit 34 due Thursday, April 27 Test on Thurs.
Spanish:Learn Our Father exam on May 10 and 12

Ms. Niemerg


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