Welcome to Sacred Heart

Grade 5

Welcome to Sacred Heart School! My name is Ms. Vicki Niemerg, and I have a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. As the fifth grade homeroom teacher, I teach religion, math, science, Spanish, social studies, PE, computers, and GRP. In 5th grade religion, we cover the Word of God, the Holy Trinity, the Liturgy, the Beatitudes, the Ten Commandments, and prayer. 

I enjoy seeing children take on new challenges and develop their love of reading and learning. In fifth grade, we work together to fulfill our class mission: "To help others learn about God and to get to heaven."


Monday, December 10, 2018

Math 65:Lesson 46 1-23 odds, 24, 26 and Lesson 47 5, 7, 8-22, 28
Reading:Test on "Thunder Rose" Tuesday
English: Test on Thurs. 12/13
Social Studies:Quiz on Lessons 3 and 4 Chp. 5 Tues. do worksheet 47
Science:Test on Matter Unit pgs. 252-275 Wed. Study worksheets
Spelling: Unit 16 due Tues. 12/11/18 Unit 16 Test on Tues. 1211/18