Welcome to Sacred Heart

Grade 3



~~May 18 ~ Last Day of School ~out at 11:50a.m. ~ NO Lunch Served

Welcome to the world of a Sacred Heart School third grader! From Flat Stanley to Laura Ingels Wilder, and from the Gloria Dump Party to a wide array of field trips, we have a great time learning, reading, and mastering cursive handwriting, paragraphs, and multiplication.I am Mrs. Marsha Bloemker, and I'm the third grade teacher at Sacred Heart School. My schooling at Greenville College was just a springboard into the many adventures and rewards of teaching. My creative juices flow each day, and I truly love to expose these "sponges" to the latest technology found at Sacred Heart School. 


Monday, May 14, 2018

Religion:No Homework
Math:125-2B - 2 sheets (Map and States sheet)
English:No Homework
AR/Reading: ~~ Read 20 Minutes every night
Spelling: ~~ Test on 5/15 ~~Workbook packet is completed in class unless not finished by Friday afternoon ~~
Science: NO Science this quarter but we watch Mystery Doug every week~~
Social Studies: Social Studies Test on Tuesday 5/15
Handwriting: Cursive is due on Wednesdays unless otherwise specified ~~
Other:Wear Green on Fridays - Spirit Day