Welcome to Sacred Heart


Sacred Heart School students have instructional art classes once per week. Students in grades 1-8 are taught by Mrs. Rita Feldhake. Mrs. Feldhake provides educational elements of art while engaging the students in a wide variety of hand-on artistic projects.

The Sacred Heart School art program is made possible through funding from the PTA, which raises money via various school fundraisers. Your support of the PTA is support for our art program ~ THANK YOU!


Sacred Heart School incorporates music into its curriculum with students participating in music class once per week. Mrs. Stephanie Kilzer is our music teacher, and she enjoys teaching a variety of lessons while engaging the students. The goal of our music program is for students to develop an understanding and appreciation of the many elements and various styles of music. Outside of music class, SHS students sing at various times throughout the year when we host our annual Christmas program, Veterans Day prayer service, and more. When the students reach 5th grade, they have the option of participating in band. And, students in grades 4-8 participate regularly by singing in the choir at our weekly school Mass. Check out this video of our 4th grade students leading the music at a recent all-school Mass!


Sacred Heart School integrates Spanish into its curriculum, beginning in Kindergarten. Through a variety of videos, online courses and web apps, as well as the Rosetta Stone program, our students grow in their basic knowledge of the Spanish language. In junior high, the students focus on speaking, reading, and writing basic Spanish vocabulary and grammar. Ultimately, the foreign language coursework at Sacred Heart School prepares the students to have a successful high school experience.