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SHS Apparel

Sacred Heart School implemented uses a standardized dress code. 

Our standardized dress code includes a Sacred Heart School polo shirt (short or long sleeve) and pull-over (long sleeve). Upper-body apparel will come in colors of green, black, and grey, and will be available for purchase from JEDCO Sales, located at 2313 Hoffman Drive (across from Dan Hecht Chevrolet) here in Effingham. JEDCO offers online ordering at www.jedcosales.com.  Simply click on "stores" and select Sacred Heart School. The site is complete with photos, sizing and color options, and detailed information regarding each apparel item. Lead time on most items is two weeks. We strongly encourage you to visit the JEDCO store for accurate sizing – especially for your first order – as items cannot be returned after being customized.

Students are able to wear jeans (with the exception of church day) or dress pants. In addition, girls may wear skirts of their choosing. Shorts (and capris for girls) may be worn during the allowable time frame. Pants, skirts, and shorts do NOT have to be a solid color of khaki, black, etc. As long as the lower-body apparel fits within the dress code guidelines, any color or print is acceptable. Please review the “Dress Code” verbiage below which is included in the Sacred Heart School Handbook.

Please note that we will continue the tradition of “Spirit Day” each Friday, with students able to wear their Sacred Heart School t-shirt and sweatshirts.

If you have any questions regarding the standardized dress code, please contact the school at 217.342.4060. Thank you again for your support as we believe this dress code positively impacts our students’ learning environment, increases school pride, and unites the student body.

Sacred Heart School Dress Code

Students at Sacred Heart School are asked to dress in a manner that is respectful and does not draw undue attention toward themselves. Clothing should be neat, clean, and modest. Clothing must also fit properly- neither over nor undersized. The following dress code applies to students in grades K-8.


Jeans, dress slacks, and skirts are all acceptable. They should be free of stains, rips, tears, or frayed material. Tight-fitting pants and skirts are prohibited. Jeans cannot be worn on church day, which is typically Wednesday. Shorts and capris may only be worn from August-October 15 and April 15-end of the school year. Shorts and skirts can be no more than 2 inches above knee. Solid-colored shorts, tights, or leggings must be worn under any skirt.  Athletic-style/sweat pants/shorts are prohibited. Girls must wear pants on days that they will be participating in P.E.

Polo Shirts

On Monday-Thursday students are required to wear an approved short-sleeve or long-sleeve polo shirt or the approved pullover, with the Sacred Heart School logo. The pullover can only be taken off if the approved polo is worn underneath.  A solid white, black, or gray shirt, either short or long-sleeve, may be worn under the polo shirt. If camisoles are worn, they cannot be visible. The correct ordering of sizes is essential for elimination of unacceptable shirts that are either too long or too short. Shirts that don’t cover the top of the pants when stretching are considered too short and shirts that are below the back pants pockets are considered too long. Shirts that are too long must be tucked in. Students may wear only the approved pull-over inside during the school day. No other jackets or sweatshirts are allowed to be worn inside the school, but may be worn outside.

Ordering Approved Apparel:

The approved polo shirts and pullover with the school logo must be ordered through the online catalog/store found on the www.jedcosales.com. All upper-body apparel may be tried on at the Jedco Sales location. It is highly recommended that all potential buyers read in detail the return policy for the clothing and that ALL clothing is tried on before a first-time purchase. The return policy is found on the Jedco website. They have all sizes for your child to try on at their location.

Friday Spirit Day:

Friday is the only day of the week that students may wear a Sacred Heart t-shirt or sweatshirt. The shirt must say Sacred Heart. If the student wears a sweatshirt, he/she may not remove the sweatshirt, unless he/she has a Sacred Heart t-shirt or approved polo under the sweatshirt.

Special Days: 

There are certain days during the school year that a special event will warrant an exception to the normal dress code. For example, on Red Ribbon Day,  everyone is allowed to wear a red shirt. Kindergarten has several special days as they learn the different colors and celebrate various events. If there is a special day for dress in grades 1-8, it will be stated in the green note or via email. Kindergarten parents will be notified of special dress days via a parent note. 


Shoes must be worn at all times. The students in preschool-5th grade must wear shoes/sandals with a closed back or strap at all times. Only students in grades 6-8 are allowed to wear backless shoes. (Rubber flip-flops and sports sandals are NOT allowed.)  Please keep recess safety in mind when purchasing shoes. Please make sure shoes are well-fitted so that the shoes remain on during playground activities. No cowboy boots or heels over 1 ½ inches are allowed. Students MUST have one pair of gym/tennis shoes that are worn solely in the gym. The gym/tennis shoes will be kept at school. Socks must be worn with the gym/tennis shoes.


Hair, nails, and skin need to be kept clean and neat. No dyeing of hair, which causes a distraction to others or does not have a natural look. Hairstyles should be simple and in good taste, not drawing undue attention to the student. Overall appearance needs to be well groomed. Boys’ hair length may not be on the collar of the shirt. Girls in grades 6-8 may wear very light, natural-looking make-up.


Only girls may wear earrings, which are small and inconspicuous on the ears.  Other visible body piercing, including the tongue, is prohibited. Visible tattoos are prohibited.

Consequences of Dress Code Violations:

Students not adhering to the dress code will be addressed on an individual basis. Any time a student is found in violation of the dress code, a standard letter is sent home to inform the parents of the exact violation. On the second violation of dress code, the student will lose all of his/her lunch recess for grades 3-8. Students in grades K-2 will lose 10 minutes of their recess. If a third violation of any kind occurs, the student will be required to change into clean, used clothing, which is kept in the office, that meets the dress code guidelines or he/she must contact a parent/guardian to bring the appropriate attire. Dress code violations do NOT have to be of the same nature to accumulate.