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Sacred Heart Parish encourages parishioners and school families to be good stewards of God's gifts. Stewardship is a personal response to Jesus’ call to follow Him and to do the work that He does. How does one tithe his/her gifts? TIME spent with God in prayer and at weekly Mass; TALENT shared to help bring others closer to Christ; and TREASURE gratefully returned to the Lord with His promise to richly bless us.

St. Paul tells us that “all of you are Christ’s Body, and each one is a part of it.” Sacred Heart Church counts on every parishioner’s financial support. Your tithing enables Sacred Heart Parish to plan our annual budget, which directly affects how ministries occur and grow in our parish. Help us today with your gift to help support our mission. Tax-deductible donations can be made to both the Church and the School. 

Parishioners and friends of Sacred Heart Parish have the opportunity to donate on a weekly or monthly basis using our easy and convenient Auto Withdrawal program. Simply download and complete the auto contribution form, and return it to Sacred Heart Church office (along with a voided check), and we can start deducting your donation directly from your checking or savings account. This is a great way to support the parish even when you're unable to attend Mass at Sacred Heart Church. 

Annual Fund

Celebrating Our Past, Securing Our Future!

Since 1892, Sacred Heart Parish has worked to provide a Catholic school with a strong focus on academic excellence, high moral standards, and faith development in our students.

Through the years, Sacred Heart Church and School has been greatly helped by the academic, spiritual, and financial contributions from our parishioners, parents, grandparents, alumni, and friends like you. We are extremely blessed by the good stewards here at the Parish as well as the efforts of our administrators and staff to keep educational costs down. The unfortunate reality is that the cost of a quality Catholic education continues to rise. As a result, the Sacred Heart School Annual Fund has been established to provide much needed income to balance our operating budget each year and to secure the future of Sacred Heart School.

The Sacred Heart School Annual Fund is crucial in providing unrestricted funds that enable us to further strengthen our academic programs, support our exceptional faculty, and help those who need tuition assistance. As the actual cost to educate one child at Sacred Heart School has climbed to over $5,000 – and with tuition per student at just $3,271 – the gifts to the Sacred Heart School Annual Fund help to bridge the gap and provide operational support.

With the monies raised from last year’s Sacred Heart School Annual Fund, we were able to:
* Provide an additional teacher and technology necessary for an additional 1st grade classroom
* Provide tuition assistance to 20+ students
* Operate the school without deficit
* Implement 1:1 Chromebook technology for grade 5 ~ which completed our goal for grades 5-8

We ask for your financial support as we celebrate the past successes of Sacred Heart School and work to secure its ability to prepare the next generation of Catholics – spiritually and intellectually. Please support Sacred Heart School by making a donation to this year’s Sacred Heart School Annual Fund using the PayPal link below, or downloading the pledge card at the bottom of the page. Committed to the success of Sacred Heart School and students, our priests have already made a personal gift of $1000, and he's challenging you to do the same or to give at the level that fits within your family budget.

Your support of the Sacred Heart School Annual Fund will make a tremendous impact in the lives of every SHS student from preschool through grade 8. Thanks for everything you do for the Sacred Heart Parish family. Your prayers and financial gifts are appreciated as we continue celebrating our past and securing our future!

Click here to download the the Annual Fund BROCHURE, which inlcudes the pledge card.

Click here to watch the Annual Fund VIDEO, which highlights two SHS graduates (from different eras) as well as a current SHS student.

CLICK HERE TO DONATE NOW, using your credit card or PayPal account. Thank you for your donation!


Sacred Heart utilizes SCRIP fundraising to earn funds for our school. We purchase hundreds of local and national retail gift cards at a discount of 2-22%, and then we sell those gift cards at face value. Parishioners, school families, and friends of Sacred Heart purchase the gift cards and use them just like cash for everday items such as groceries, clothing, prescriptions, gas, household supplies, dining out, travel, and more. The gift cards make excellent gifts as well -- use them for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Purchasing SCRIP cards can also help you earn TUITION CREDIT for your children/grandchildren at Sacred Heart School. When you purchase SCRIP cards, Sacred Heart School earns a small percentage of each sale (average of 4% of the retail value). Those earned funds will be split between the school (as a fundraiser) and you (in the form of tuition credit). Simply email shscrip@sheff.org to get started with your online account set up. Many cards can be immediately emailed to you or will appear in your Scrip Wallet app.

SCRIP cards are sold in the church office Monday- Wednesday-Friday, from 8:30am-4:00pm, and after the Masses on the 1st and 3rd weekend of every month. In addition, order forms/payment can be dropped off at the church office on Tuesday-Thursday and pickuped up the following day.

Purchasing SCRIP cards is one of the easiest ways for your family to support Sacred Heart School, and it doesn't cost you anything more than you already planned to spend! The SCRIP program plays an important role in our school fundraising. Since its inception in November of 2007, we've sold over $2.5 MILLION in SCRIP cards, with a profit of over $134,000 for our school!! This program is run by volunteers, and 100% of the proceeds go to Sacred Heart. Thank you to the many school and parish families and friends of Sacred Heart who continue to purchase SCRIP cards!

The funds earned through the SCRIP card program are used in a number of ways at Sacred Heart Parish:

  • Rosetta Stone Spanish software
  • Technology & WiFi capabilities for parish offices and classrooms
  • LCD projectors
  • Headphones and microphones for school laptops
  • “Trade books” for various classrooms
  • Electric pencil sharpeners for K-8
  • Computer monitors
  • Books for PreK-8 classroom libraries
  • Mass music books for students 
  • Classroom games and toys
  • Copy/fax machine

In addition to the 75+ retailer SCRIP cards that are kept in stock through the parish, there are thousands of SCRIP cards available through special order. These cards may be special-ordered, and will arrive within 7-10 days on average. If you see a card that you want, please let us know and we'll get it for you! Check out the list and see for yourself.  


Recycle & Collect

At Sacred Heart we not only display our Green and White, but we also "Go Green" in recylcing and collecting various things that help earn FREE MONEY for our school! Throughout the school year, you and your family can contribute and teach your children how significantly we can all impact our school and our world. Please see below how to get involved in our various programs. If you have questions, please contact Christy Hakman at 217.347.7177 or email c.hakman [at] sheff.org

What Can I Collect or Recycle to Help Sacred Heart Earn FREE MONEY?

  • Laser Ink cartridges

  • Aluminum Cans (first Friday every month - beginning Friday Sept. 4)

  • Telephone Books (September/October)

  • Plastic Shopping Bags

  • Old cell phones

  • Campbell Soup UPC codes

  • General Mills  " Box Tops for Education (We receive 10 cents for each box top and we use that money specifically to purchase new library books.)

Coke Rewards:

Clip your Coke reward codes (found on the inside of Coke product cases and inside the lid of all single-serve Coke products), and turn them into the church or school office, or place in the designated box in the back of church. We redeem codes for CASH, and ean a few hundred dollars each quarter!! The funds raised are used for to purchase a variety of "extras" for Sacred Heart School, including playground equipment, art supplies, student rewards, and much more!

Consolidated Communications Earning for Learning (EFL) program: 

The EFL program works with local schools to recycle outdated phone books. Annually, Sacred Heart School collects and recycles approximately 4,000 phone book. In exchange, Consolidated Communications has rewarded us with up to $1,000 per year to be used towards new technology, learning software, art supplies, etc. To assist us in recycling and earning cash rewards, simply bring your old phonebooks to the church or school office, and we will recycle them. SHS won the 2018 contest, and was awarded $1,000 for our efforts. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP!!

Thank you for your support!